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Private Online Teaching

Private classes tailored for your needs & goals, by professional teachers, only one click away from you.

Live Online Classes

All classes in Sang Korean school are held online, LIVE and through Zoom application. Once registered and admitted to a …

Native Teachers, from Norway

At Sang Korean School, all classes are held by Sanghee Jung who is a certified Korean Teacher with a PhD in oriental languages. My school location is placed in Oslo, Norway.

Group Online Classes

If you are several in your friend group who is looking to learn Hangul (Korean language), you can contact us for a group class …


Private Online Courses : 250 NOK / hour (25 EUR)

5 hours package private course : 1100 NOK (110 EUR)

10 hours package private course : 2200 NOK (220 EUR)

More Than 1 Student?

If you are minimum 3 students, we can start group classes and this will be economically & educationally beneficial for you as you learn better language in groups.

3 students, 4 classes in month = 750 NOK per student per month(75 EUR)

4 students, 4 classes in month = 550 NOK per student per month(55 EUR)

4 students, 4 classes in month = 550 NOK per student per month(55 EUR)

4 is the maximum number of students that we could have a productive online class on Zoom with (quality). I always recommend group classes as students learn better and they will also save money 

Cousre Plan

course plan

Private Class Application

Apply for your first online private session. The first 30 minutes sessions would be free and you would only pay if you would like to continue. If you are more than 1 person, you can also contact me for group online classes.

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